Guiding Principles

As we work through the innovation process, there are a number of principles we are increasing relying upon to guide our interactions and to shape our decision-making. These principles include:

School Mission - At NorKam we learn to be global citizens who value inquiry, excellence, diversity and respect.

Lateral Accountability - being accountable to each other for the collective decisions we have made, being a professional, and honoring our commitments.

4 Pillars of a PLC - Mission: Why do we exist?; Vision: What must our school become to accomplish our purpose?; Values: How must we behave to achieve our vision?; Goals: How will we mark our progress?

Alignment - All elements of our innovation plan must be aligned to achieve the goal(s) included in our growth plan including structural elements and the things that influence our instructional practice.

All Students Can Learn at High Levels - the implications of this principle are two fold: 1) we believe that every child is capable of doing well at school; and, 2) our focus is not on what is taught, but rather what is learned.

Celebrate Successes - Too often the focus can become on what we are doing wrong, therefore we often need to flip the switch and celebrate what we are doing well.