Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Collaboration Time Proposal For Next Year

On Monday, May 4th a proposal was presented to staff and to the Parent Advisory Committee to change collaboration block for next year.  Currently, teachers collaborate on Wednesdays from 2:15 to 3:00PM. Students have early dismissal, but three computer labs are supervised in order to give students in grade 10 an opportunity to work on their Online Planning 10 course. Next year, the proposal is to move to a weekly model following the same schedule for Wednesday, with a few significant changes for students. The proposal is in draft stages, and some features have to still be worked out, but broad features of the proposal include the following:

  • teachers in the four core courses: Math, Socials, Science, and English will be conducting timely interventions for students who are struggling with aspects of the course material;
  • students who are identified as having an "incomplete" because they have not completed required assignments will be assigned to a study hall to complete those assignments;
  • students who have missed a test will be assigned to a testing hall to complete that test;
  • students who have not met signposts for Planning 10 will be required to be in attendance in the designated labs to work on and get support with Planning 10;
  • optional activities for students who do not meet the above circumstances would include
    • peer tutoring
    • quiet study/research
    • study skills seminars
    • planning 10 support time
    • homework help
    • subject specific tutorial sessions
The proposal was well received by the Patent Advisory Committee, and the NorKam staff was intriqued by the proposal. One suggestion coming from staff was to make attendance mandatory for all grade 10s until their Planning 10 course is completed. The final details of the proposal, including tracking student attendance, assigning teacher and certified educational assistants to various activities, and managing student movement will be developed.  The staff will be responding via survey to assist the PLC Core Team in developing the final version of the plan.